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Carole Gist is the first African-American to be crowned Miss USA and first runner-up to Miss Universe (1990).

She has not only continued to bring honor to her crown, she has not stopped achieving. Carole is an active runway, print, fashion and fitness model, as well as, a commercial actress, TV hostess, entrepreneur and Tri-athlete. 

Carole has been recognized by the media as a Michigan Woman of Excellence (Award honoree). She is consistently acknowledged for her perpetual grace and elegance, a direct result of her early dance, modeling and pageant experience.

“Pageantry allowed me to rise above very difficult circumstances growing up. It gave me something to strive for and be proud of while building my self-esteem.  I embrace the fact that my life is not my own and my historic crowning was not simply about me, it has been a gift to others and I am honored to live my life helping others achieve success.”


Carole speaks to thousands each year about taking daily steps toward success by becoming the best version of themselves—mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. She is a model of her message and upcoming auto-biography “Live life with the Grace of a Queen and the Strength of an Achiever.” 

Carole continues to make an impact in her community as an active member of her church volunteering and serving in many capacities. She a regular volunteer with various organizations that help: women and children escaping domestic violence; women in recovery re-enter the job market; families in need of housing, transportation and food; collect and distribute food through distribution centers and provide weekly mobile meal distribution.

Carole loves to empower others to be the best they can be, fulfill their destiny purpose and give themselves and the world the best they can to offer—a purpose driven, healed, whole and loving human being.

Carole teaches these principles as a Wellness, Fitness, and Pageant Coach; as an adjunct faculty lecturer; as a Personal Trainer and as Motivational speaker. She shares how to have the Grace of a Queen and the Strength of an Achiever and teaches Principles of Overcoming Obstacles through varied speaking, teaching and motivational talks. Which she will share in an upcoming biography.


Carole is the proud mother of 2 adult children: Tylar, 26, a professional dancer and dance teacher at Legacy Dance Studio and Keith, 22, a junior at Wayne State University, majoring in computer engineering. Carole additionally holds a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology, is working on a second Master’s in Sport Administration (2020), and a future PhD candidate in Exercise and Sport Science and is the Athletics Department's MHRFC Health and Wellness Coordinator for Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. 

Carole can be reached at for more information about speaking engagements, pageant coaching, Health and Wellness seminars, and Motivational Fitness facilitator

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